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A Portfolio by Gregary Pergrossi

I am a Software Developer with an interest in AI, Graphics, Simulations, Games, and Procedural Content

What I do (a visual)

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This site is a very current work in progress. Check back in a few days.

All of these projects demonstrate my love of programming and may hint at my skills and interests. Obviously, this is a very visual collection, which is partly because portfolios tend to look better when there's something to look at; Also, I like visuals! Most of my personal projects involve some form of computer graphics. It has been that way ever since I 'Learned to Program BASIC' way back in third grade! Apart from visuals I also love procedural content, artificial intelligence, and over-doing everything.

My current project is a floating island generator mod for the game Minecraft. It provides a wonderful environment for me to play with procedural generation as well as some beautiful visuals (with the right shaders). I have loved tackling all of the design and programming challenges this project has thrown at me. Read about it in the blog section!

The posts in my blog go into implementation details and design considerations as well as follow my thoughts about the various projects I'm working on.